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We Believe In Enabling every Child To Reach their Fullest Potential

We believe in providing your child with
the quality care that will enable them
to reach their fullest potential. Our
centres provide a warm, caring, home-
like environment which is a reflection of
our Little Troopers, their families and
our community.

Our Role Is To facilitate Development across Eylf Outcomes

Our Centres Are driven By Passion, innovation & Culture

Our passion for educating and innovative
approach for learning will ensure your child
is encouraged to explore their curiosity and
embrace their creative abilities. We are
dedicated to supporting your child’s
transition through their early years of
development and preparing them for the
next phase of their young lives. Our Centres
foster a culturally diverse environment at
the heart of a truly multicultural
community which thrives on unity and

How To Find A Daycare That Cares?

Book a tour at one of our Little Troopers centres and let us show you how your child will thrive.
Our dedicated team of passionate educators will guide you through our learning environments.
Our outdoor play environment is designed to facilitate your child’s journey through exploration,
learning and growth in a safe secure setting.

Experience The Little Troopers Difference

Little Troopers long day centres are conveniently located in the inner-west of Sydney. Our purpose built centres are designed to assist your child reach their full potential. Each room is equipped with a variety of resources designed to engage and stimulate your child’s curiosity. Watch this quick video and experience the Little Troopers difference.

Follow Your Little Troopers Daily Journey with Our Parent App

Little Troopers understands the importance of your
child’s progress and development and access of real
time information throughout the day for your child
through our KinderM8 portal.

Your child’s portfolio will contain daily journal entries,
photographs and a documentation of their
Progress. Little Troopers, KinderM8 brings assurance
to our parents that your children are in the most
productive and fun-filled environment possible.


5 Key Tips To Consider Before Selecting Your Child’s Daycare Centre

Download your FREE copy of our latest eBook
‘5 Key Tips To Consider Before Selecting Your Child’s
Daycare Centre’. Full of useful information for
parents, this ebook will help ensure your children
reach their full potential. Be sure to download your
copy and read every single word of this eBook
before you select your child’s daycare centre.

Adorable Koalas (0-2)

Our Koalas program is designed for children aged between 0 to 2 years a critical time in their growth and development.The program provides a balance of age and stage appropriate activities and play, much earned rest and general care, designed to ensure your child has the best opportunity to develop a wide range of physical, intellectual and social skills needed to provide them with the confidence and desire for a life-long passion for learning.

Perfect Possums (2-3)

Our Possums program is designed for our 2 to 3 year olds, a time of wonder, discovery and personal development. Our healthy menus provide quality health and nutrients for our Little Troopers’ growing bodies. Our Possums program provides a fun, nurturing environment, rich in activities that encourage interaction with their environment and fellow Troopers.

Kicking Kangaroos (3-6)

Our Kangaroos program is designed for our 3 to
6 year olds and prepares them for their next
stage of their learning journey. Our curriculum
incorporates intentional teaching and adopting
a holistic approach. Educators are responsive to
children and creating positive environments to
promote children’s learning, Little Troopers
bolster a celebration of learning and fosters
individuals that can positively contribute to their
community and their future.

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