At Little Troopers we provide a rich and engaging school readiness program to equip children and their parents for a smooth transition to the first year of school. Our play-based and fun approach helps create a solid foundation in emotional and social development, self-help skills and early literacy and numeracy.

From learning social skills through play to recognising letters and numbers, fine motor skills, turn-taking games and more, our comprehensive school readiness program gives children the confidence and skills they need to see them right through their school years.

The environment at Little Troopers consists of learning areas that promote children’s being, belonging and becoming as outlined in the early years learning framework (EYLF). Through interactive learning facilities we ensure that the children experience quality teaching and learning with a specific emphasis on play-based learning that recognises the importance of communication and language, including early literacy and numeracy.

Within the framework, children learn the concepts as they observe, investigate, discover, predict and create. Children develop literacy and numeracy skills throughout a variety of creative activities including painting, drawing, music, songs, stories, role play and more.

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