Tell us something about yourself:

I have been working in the child care industry for almost a year now. I am currently studying for my Diploma in Early Childhood and Education and have completed my First Aid Certificate.  Last year I completed my Diploma in Graphic Design and had a change of heart about my career path. Having an opportunity to work at a childcare and study at the same time is beneficial.

What inspired you to choose a career in childcare?

Having a passion for helping young children and their parents inspired me to choose a career in childcare.

Being able to teach the children something new and having fun at the same time is what I enjoy the most. Getting to know the children and watching them grow is the most rewarding thing to see. Each child’s personality is completely different and I enjoy teaching them all.

Favourite children’s book:

‘The monkey with a bright blue bottom’ by Steve Smallman and Nick Schon