Educator / Room Leader

Tell us something about yourself:

I’ve been working in the early childhood industry for fifteen years. My passion is working with children in the early years, and watching them grow. I enjoy being around family and friends.

What inspired you to choose a career in childcare?

I love my job. It’s more than just a job. Educating children and seeing them progress and flourish is amazing. To know that we childcare educators play such an important role in facilitating this learning and development is just amazing.

One of the most rewarding aspects of childcare is watching the child in your care that arrives as a little baby grow and become a person in their own right. They continue to develop into teenagers and then young men and women who even now stop in the street and acknowledge you with fond memories of their childhood with you, and even come to us to care for their own offspring. Then you know that you got it right.

Favourite children’s books:

Puff the magic dragon
Dinosaur Pet